Making Your Holiday in Fife your Holiday Home.

At Silverdyke, we want you to be part of our family. With the home like setting and everything you could need on the little steps of your holiday home, we get that it’s vital to feel at home away from home. Whether your nestling up in one of our beautiful, famous holiday homes, or our new, luxury lodges, we want Silverdyke to be your home from home. So with so many things to do in fife and around, we have the perfect plan to make Silverdyke your go-to escape from home, and create the perfect holiday in fife.

Hit the Point with us

With so much to do in and around Silverdyke, it’s sometimes hard to make a list. However, we know what the fans love. At Silverdyke, you have always got to golf. We are lucky enough to be located right in the middle of one of the most important regions for golf on the planet. As a whole, the region boasts over 40 outstanding golf courses. Fife famously contains the most rewarding golf courses in the whole of Scotland, which many a champion has walked across. So this holiday in fife is not only renowned by those famous faces, but it is sure to have a few famous tales to go along with it. At Silverdyke, you would be placed right in the heart of the famous course, and where else is a better place to be?


Catch the Perfect Holiday

Another excellent pro to having your holiday in fife and being located at Silverdyke, it’s the perfect fishing holiday location. As we are located near the village of Anstruther and its lovely Pier , it seems only fitting we are the go to holiday location for all our fishing enthusiasts. With the fresh, clear Scottish water, and our natural wildlife, a fishing holiday can surprisingly be a very relaxing one. Slow down, unwind, and just enjoy going back to the roots of nature.

Fishing rod with water in front

Your Home is our Home

But with all the Scottish activities available, it seems as though it is an annual must to nestle in the heart of it. This holiday in fife would be one of the most memorable memory makers for the whole family. Whether it’s one of our classic holiday homes, or our new stunning lodges, we know that the home, heartfelt feeling of Silverdyke will reach you and your holiday. With the Scottish crisp air, and a day full of packed activities, there is nothing more idyllic that retreating to your personalised holiday home and having a good old Scottish meal, at your home away from home.