Silverdyke Park Touring Rules

As a guest on our Park, you automatically acknowledge your full agreement with and acceptance of the following Park Rules, which must be adhered to by both you and your family/guests. It is your responsibility to inform users of your caravan of the Park Rules. Any person not adhering to park rules will be asked to leave the park.
You agree:
1. To act in a courteous and considerate manner towards others 2. To supervise children properly so they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others; parents/guardians are at all times responsible for the behaviour of their children and children in their care.
3. Quiet hours are from 11pm until 7am 4. In keeping with the general quiet nature of our Park, we will not allow large gatherings of guests to partake in any social event, e.g. a barbecue or party, unless it has been organised by the Park or permission has been granted by the Park management.
5. The speed limit on the Park is 10mph and this must be strictly adhered to at all times.
6. No lorries or other commercial vehicles are allowed to be brought onto the Park. This includes towing vehicles.
7. No recreational vehicles can be used on the Park. This includes motorised scooters, electrical or motorised bikes, go-karts and ATVs.
8. No mechanical or repair work is to be undertaken on the Park.
9. Only one vehicle can be parked next to your designated pitch further parking is available at the reception and other designated areas.
10. Bicycles should not be left lying around your pitch and should be stored neatly.
HEALTH & SAFETY (including fire safety)
11. Please make yourself aware of the nearest fire point.
12. Children must not be left alone in caravans.
13. Please be aware that during periods of inclement weather certain areas of the Park may be slippery because of factors such as ice and mud. We recommend that you always wear appropriate footwear and tread with caution during these times.
14. All accidents must be reported to reception and documented in the Park Accident Book.
15. No ball games to be played on this park.
16. Smoking is not permitted within any building on the park 17. The use of electrical extension leads or ‘multi-point’ adaptors is prohibited 18. Make sure that no combustible/flammable items are stored either under or near the caravan. 19. Arrange furniture so that doorways are kept clear of obstructions. 20. In case of a fire, break seal on box and ring bell inside. Fire boxes are located no more than 30m from your holiday home.
21. All litter MUST be placed inside the bin and not left around it.
22. Where provided, please use the recycling bins.
23. A maximum of 2 well behaved dogs are allowed on the park unless by prior arrangement with the park management 24. Dogs must be kept on a short lead, exercised off the park, must wear a collar and identity tag at ALL times and must not be left alone in caravans. They must not be allowed to soil the ground within the Park – accidents must be cleared up immediately. 25. Permission for any animal may be withdrawn at anytime if the pet is a nuisance, and if you are requested to do so by us the pet must be removed from the Park immediately. GENERAL 26. You are not permitted to wash your car/caravan whilst on the Park 27. Any item that causes an obstruction to the grass cutter or strimmer will be removed from the pitch. 28. Patio heaters and any heaters in awnings (regardless of their size) are strictly prohibited 29. Open fires are not permitted. 30. The use of generators is not permitted. 31. The caravan may not be used to accommodate persons in excess of the number of berths contained
within the caravan. 32. Nothing, including personal belongings, may be stored underneath caravans. 33. Windbreaks must be taken down when your caravan is not in use. 34. Clothes/washing lines and whirlygigs are not allowed, only one window hanger/dryer will be permitted and must not be left over night. 35. Tents are not allowed on this park and all awnings must be attached to campervans/motorhomes at all times. 36. All invoices relating to your account must be paid within 30days of invoice. 37. Silverdyke Park Ltd does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur to your caravan, car or associated property whilst on the Park, except where such loss or damage has arisen as a result of our negligence of a breach of our duty to you. 38. Games – Visitors should use the area provided. Please do not cause a disturbance by playing between pitches. Practise golf is not permitted on any part of the Park.
39. Silverdyke Park touring pitches will be open from March until October.
40. Gazebos and tents are not permitted next to your caravan and seasonal tourers must not leave awnings up while the caravan is not occupied.
41. Your caravan must be fully insured in accordance with terms of your Licence Agreement. CARAVAN & CARAVAN EQUIPMENT
42. Your caravan must be kept in a good state of repair and surrounding areas must be kept tidy and clear of rubbish.
43. All caravans must be fitted with a smoke and heat detector, carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher; it is the caravan owners responsibility to have these serviced, in good working order and checked regularly. Any heating or cooking appliances used in the caravan must comply with the appropriate British Standards in relation to construction, installation and ventilation.
44. With the exception of lighting, the use of electrical equipment in your awning is not permitted. This includes heaters and washing machines etc.
45. Any fixed ventilation in your caravan must not be obstructed, blocked over or replaced by closable (hit and miss) type vents.
46. Barbeques and Fires – Barbeques are permitted, they must be of proper construction, the base of which must not come in to contact with the grass or pitch marker. Please ensure that coals are properly extinguished before placing in refuse bins. Open fires, of any nature, are strictly prohibited.
47. Development to touring pitches is only permitted if the work is carried out by Silverdyke Park. This includes decking, patios and all types of masonry work, fences, slabs or any other type of work that will alter the appearance of the pitch or surrounding area.
48. All prices include v.a.t. at the prevailing rate. 49. Sorry – no all male or all female groups or unsupervised young groups (under 21 years) – we are a family park.
These rules are to ensure everyone enjoys their stay on Silverdyke Park. We hope you have many happy holidays with us.