DIY Tips for Decorating your Luxury Holiday Home

A Bordeaux caravan kitchen in Silverdyke

So is it time for some DIY SOS? Are you needing to freshen and fix things up to inject some Zen back into your surroundings? Well on that note lets take a look at some fun DIY tips that don’t break the bank to put the luxury back into your luxury holiday home…


DIY Kitchen Tips

If you want to change the look and feel of your luxury holiday homes kitchen then this needn’t be a complete overhaul. You can change the tiles to add a little splash of colour, upgrade your taps to something more up to date or you can update your units by buying new doors or adding a lick of paint to them. Changing door knobs or handles is also a quick, easy and cheap way to personalise and add a little twist to things.

How to change taps:


Top tip: If using silicone, have a cup of water to wet your finger in before running it along it to smooth it. If working with any plumbing in your kitchen be sure to turn off the water supply or you may have a shower added into the bargain!


DIY Bathroom Tips

If you want to spruce up your holiday homes bathroom then simple things like adding a funky toilet seat can make the world of a difference and are straight-forward to fit.

If you want to save time and money on cleaning and cleaning products, and the bathroom is needing a lick of paint, then it is worth considering painting your bathroom with anti mould paint. Although it is more expensive than normal paint it will last longer, stay looking fresh for longer and in the long run save you money and smaller bathrooms are more susceptible to mould!


DIY Living Room Tips

If you have small living area in your luxury holiday home and want to enhance the feeling of space, the addition of a large mirror to a wall can have fabulous effects. Not only does it reflect the room, increasing the feeling of space but reflects light too, brightening things up.

Other small changes to upgrade the overall look are changing over light switches and plug fittings from plastic to attractive metal finishes. Be sure to switch off all electrics prior to undertaking this work!


So there you go, some quick easy and inexpensive ways to add some zest and personality into your holiday home. Here at Silverdyke Park we take great pride in our luxury holiday homes as do our owners- it is a home away from home! Not an owner? Buy a Holiday Home here with us at Silverdyke and put some of those DIY tips to use!