8 Essential Items to pack for a Caravan Break


Packing for a holiday can be the most stressful part of your trip. From forgetting toothbrushes to your home comforts, these little touches can make all the difference. To help you prepare for your break away, we’ve compiled a list of eight essential items to pack for a caravan break!


Board Games


Who can say no to a good game of Monopoly? The game is family orientated, suitable for all ages (though the little pieces can be swallowed –keep the K9’s away!) and it’s fair to say if you don’t end up with a “Go to Jail” card, you’re onto a winner! If Monopoly isn’t your thing, perhaps a great game of Cluedo! Get your investigator hat on and find out who killed Miss Scarlet in the drawing room with the candlestick! Board games have always been a good source of entertainment and spark hilarious conversations!


Bring a brilliant book!


Sometimes it’s great to just sit back, relax and escape away from reality for a while. Try taking a good book on holiday with you, literature is a great way of relaxing you – the only hazard you have to watch out for is dozing off in the sun! Understandably not everyone is into the same kind of book, so find a genre that grips your attention! If you liked Cluedo then you should check out some good crime novels. If you’re a little more into the fantasy but don’t want to go with the mainstream charts, check out some works by the late Terry Pratchett. Up for a bit of Action? Look out for books by Matthew Reilly. There’s nothing better than laying in bed (or on a sun lounger) glued to a good book!




Celebrate good times, come on! Get your party on, the kids are with your parents, you’re not at work, it’s just the two of you alone, in a caravan, for an entire weekend break! Fancy a bit of Rosé, a deep red, or a wonderful white? There’s no reason not to and with beautiful panoramic sea views, it’s the perfect chance to capture the romance and enjoy a good glass with the spouse!




You’re  on holiday! Be it at Silverdyke Park or faraway, you’re still going to be making memories – make them all the more vivid with some good snaps. Don’t pack it in the suitcase though, often some of the best pictures are taken on the way to and from the campsite! Upload your photos onto your Facebook when you get home and share the experience with your friends!




Tinned food is always a plus when it comes to camping and caravan holidays, most campsites are self-catering so bringing food in tins is a great idea because they have longevity, foods like soup are easy to heat up and you can even get desserts in tins if you’re still feeling peckish after dinner!


Tin Opener


If you’re going to eat tinned food, then you might be best investing in a tin opener. If your on the go on your action packed caravan trip, the likelihood is that a tin opener is going to be your best friend.


Toilet Paper


This is a really easy one to forget, and yes, most campsites will supply caravans with toilet roll and basic toiletries, but what happens if you run out in the middle of the night? Or what if you suffer an unfortunate bout of unexpected hayfever? Toilet roll is a vital part of your day, whether you want to admit it or not, you probably use it at least three times a day for whatever, from blowing your nose to cleaning spilled juice.


Welly Boots


Most campsites are in fields and this means you’re going to need wellies! A pair of rubber Wellington boots can save your socks all year round. The best thing about wellies is that the come in all different sizes and colours, so you can have the most shocking bright pink wellies or a subdued classic green. Now not only do your feet get puddle protection but they now you can also strut in style.


Other Essential Items to pack for a Caravan Break


There you have it – our list of essential items to pack for a caravan break! If you’re planning to stay for a while, then you’ll more than likely have already sourced your home comforts to bring along with you. At Silverdyke Park we always put our guests comfort first, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out about our facilities on site.