10 Great Things To Do In Anstruther

Anstruther from the coastline

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Planning on touring the Kingdom of Fife? Pitch your camper in the charming town of Anstruther. With so many things to do in Anstruther, you’ll soon see why we’ve given it a ten out of ten.


1. Pleasure Cruises To The Isle of May

All aboard the May Princess. The May Princess sails from Anstruther to the beautiful Isle of May almost every day from April to September. As a National Nature Reserve and Bird Sanctuary, the cruise allows passengers to enjoy the spectacular scenery and oceanic wildlife that abounds on this beautiful island. Christened the jewel of the Forth, the Isle of May is home to the largest puffin colony in the UK, as well as some historic buildings along its breath-taking shores.

2. The Scottish Fisheries Museum

Get hooked on fishing history. The Scottish Fisheries Museum is an award-winning attraction in the heart of the Fife fishing community. Telling Scottish fishermen’s tales from as far back as we can remember, the museum first opened its doors in 1969. With buildings from the 16th century, 15 historic boats and a number of objects from Scotland’s fishing past, it has since grown in size and stature. Which is why a visit to this charming museum is one of the best things to do in Anstruther.

3. Anstruther Fish Bar

Like all great fishing towns, no trip would be complete without sampling the local fare. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Anstruther, the Anstruther Fish Bar is a must. It’s an award-winning fish and chip shop situated on Shore Street. With its nautical theme and stunning views of the Firth of Forth, it’s a favourite among locals and tourists alike.

4. Dreel Tavern

Slightly outside of the town is a historic Inn that has been operating for half a millennium. The three-storey stone building is one of the oldest buildings in all of Anstruther. Throughout its dreary history, the Dreel has hosted a number of good, great and disreputable fisher folk, farmers, scholars and notable visitors from all over the world.

5. Scotland’s Secret Bunker

One of the best things to do in Anstruther is uncover Scotland’s best-kept secret. Hidden beneath an innocent-looking farmhouse for over 40 years lies Scotland’s Secret Bunker. Journey down a 450-foot tunnel, through the blast doors to a secret bunker designed to protect the Scottish government in the event of a Nuclear War.

6. Anstruther War Memorial

Declaring war on traditional war memorials. If you travel a little further inland you will find the Anstruther cemetery and oddly shaped War Memorial. Totally flat to the ground in the centre of a landscaped roundel, it broadly resembles the shape of a Celtic cross.

7. The Caves of Caiplie

Unearthing Scotland’s history. Anstruther is only a stone’s throw away from the Caves of Caiplie on the coastal path to Crail. The Coves, as the locals call it, were the site of early Christian worship, and later used by farmers to house their livestock.

8. Anstruther Golf Club

Welcome to the home of The Rockies and the hardest par 3 in the UK. Founded in 1890, the course has undergone many changes. The original seven-hole course was scattered with trenches and poles overtook the greens, stopping gliders from landing during the war. Today, the course has evolved into a magnificent nine-hole course that is both a pleasure and challenge to play for anyone looking for things to do in Anstruther.

Close up of golf club about to tee off

9. St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company

Meet the big cheese of St Andrews. The St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company is a family-run business that is always worth a visit. From a viewing gallery, you can watch Jane get to work on the farm’s signature, hand-made ‘Anster’ cheese. Using the unpasteurised milk from her husband’s home-bred Holstein cows, she creates a fresh, dry, crumbly cheese full of flavour.

Shelves of cheese

10. Kellie Castle And Garden

Looking for things to do in Anstruther? Hold the fort with a tour of Kellie Castle and Garden. If you’re a fan of Scotland’s turbulent history, a trip to Kellie Castle is a must. With the oldest part of the castle dating back to 1360, it’s a historic site that’s well worth a visit. The epitome of Victorian style and class, it’s the perfect stop for lovers of fine interiors, beautiful paintings, plush furniture and scenic gardens.

Kellie Castle and Gardens

Image title Kellie Castle and Garden, Pittenweem, Fife, Scotland by Glen Bowman is licensed under CC BY 2.0